Digital Marketing and websites for lawyers in 2023/ 2024

Digital Marketing and websites for lawyers

Do you have a Legal Practice?

What happens when a potential customer searches for your services or products? Do you come up in search engines? Do you have a website address to give to your clients? When a potential client lands on your website, what happens next if they are not yet ready to use your services or buy your products? 

Thomas Web Designs offers the following Digital Marketing Packages for Lawyers.

Web Design & Development

Create a searchable (SEO), user-friendly, website and a Marketing plan that you can follow to attract new clients with.

Our pricing structure depends on your requirements and budget from $490 to $6500 (including GST) depending on if you want a basic websites (1-2 page website with general information) for lawyer or everything including marketing and maintenance with a lead generating website package. 

Website Editing, Revamp and other online marketing help

Let us help you do basic edits on your website, fix up errors, add blog posts and more.

We can also conduct a complete Health check on your website, then adding correct content, setting up or tweaking your marketing platforms (Email or messenger bot), and creating a Marketing success plan to drive traffic to your website through either video marketing, Non-Paid (SEO) and Paid Search Advertising (PPC), Social media and other digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing for Law Practices

I’m Jacinta Thomas

I set up my own business back in 2007 after completing a degree in business at university, doing a ‘Starting your own business course ‘and working as an Employment Consultant where my job was to find long term unemployment and parents with children work around their family. With this and helping my Dad with his Brick and mortor business selling lights sent me into the path of my own self-employment.

I have always been a computer geek. I remember getting our first computer when I was a teenager and spent hours on it and straight away got into website design. Throughout my journey, I worked on many Website platforms. This along with my business knowledge and starting my own little family made me who I am.

I love what I do.

I love working at home and having the freedom to choose my own adventure within my own business.

websites for lawyer

Here are some reasons why a law firm might need websites for lawyers

  1. Online Presence: Having a website gives your law firm an online presence and allows potential clients to find and learn more about your services. It serves as a digital representation of your firm and can help establish credibility and professionalism.


2. Information and Resources: A website enables you to provide important information about your law firm, such as your areas of practice, attorneys’ profiles, contact information, and office locations. You can also share valuable resources like articles, blog posts, legal FAQs, and legal updates, which can attract potential clients and demonstrate your expertise.


3. Client Convenience: A website can provide convenience to your existing and potential clients. They can access information about your firm and services at any time, from anywhere. You can also include online appointment scheduling options or contact forms, making it easier for clients to reach out to you.


4. Marketing and Branding: A well-designed website can serve as a powerful marketing tool. You can showcase your firm’s unique value proposition, highlight successful case results or client testimonials, and differentiate yourself from competitors. A website also allows you to integrate social media profiles, publish informative content, and optimize for search engines to attract more visitors.


5. Accessibility and Reach: Having websites for lawyers expands your reach beyond your immediate location. Potential clients can find your firm online even if they are not physically near your office. It allows you to target specific demographics or practice areas and attract clients from a broader geographical area.


6. Professional Communication: A website provides a platform to communicate professionally with clients. You can offer secure client portals for sharing confidential documents, provide online payment options, and offer a blog or newsletter to keep clients informed about legal developments or changes in your firm.

Remember, a websites for lawyers should be regularly updated and maintained to ensure accurate and relevant information. It’s also important to comply with any legal and ethical obligations when it comes to online marketing and advertising.

Get your websites for lawyers today.