SSL Certificate essential for all websites in 2023
SSL Certificate essential for all websites

An SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) this provides security of sensitive details such as client contact details, login details, and credit card information between a web browser and a server. Having an SSL enables these details to remain encrypted so they can only be read by the authorized server. I always went off the old advice that unless you were handling credit card payments directly from your website then you didn’t need an SSL. If you offered PayPal then you didn’t need one as they have their own inbuilt security.

However, things have changed. 

Yes, the above is still true however, you may have noticed over the last few years that on search engines some websites have a little padlock as shown below and some do not.

This is one way you tell if the website is secure. The other way is to see when you type the website address in the search engine. E.g. if you type in and if the s doesn’t appear after the http then the site is not secure. Any secure website, whether you type in the www. Or the http:// or the http://www. Then the secure websites will automatically add the s in after the http. If you have a secure website and this doesn’t happen, then chances are the SSL is not set up correctly.

So why do I need an SSL Certificate for my website?

The first reason is that Google has decided to change why it ranks one website above the rest and guess what, it prefers secure websites. Go ahead google something and see if the first few websites that come up have an SSL. Yes, yes I hear you are saying there are a few sites up the top without SSL, That’s most likely is that they rank higher due to other factors, but getting an SSL will definitely help you get up the top faster.

Now Google actually started ranking websites back in 2014, so we all must be a little behind, but I’m definitely in a hurry to catch up as 2 out of 3 of my businesses and heaps of my client’s websites are ranked in the top 4 results in google for their keyword, but I did notice the drop over the last few years, so I really pushed and the few I added an SSL to went back to their top ranking places again. Check out Google blog here.

Lately, with so many people getting hit with credit card fraud, some people won’t purchase or even visit someone’s website if it’s not secure, so adding one on will increase your sales and customer trust.

What’s the go with the FREE SSL Certificates?

If you have a website that doesn’t collect sensitive information about your clients such as home address, and credit card details then if you’re hosting company allows, then I would recommend you install a free SSL. Downfalls- However not all hosting companies offer this and if you’re not very technical, it can take up a bit of time to install. Also, free SSL certificates need to be renewed every 3 months.

Why should I pay for an SSL Certificate?

Paid SSL certificates come with a certificate seal as well as a warranty to ensure the user against loss of money when purchasing from a website with a paid SSL certificate. They also provide liability protection then a Free SSL. This means that if there is a data breach on your website then, you are insured based on your warranty level.  I offer SSL certificates from $10,000 to $250,000 warranty.

What’s best for me?

SSL certificate

Please note, that if you have hosting with another company, then some providers require you to be on certain hosting packages etc before you can install an SSL, so an extra charge may be payable so please check, or contact us first.

What do the Paid SSL certificates cost?

$10,000 Warranty $45 per year.

$100,000 Warranty $130 per year.

$250,000 Warranty $270 per year.

10-25% off if purchase for 2 years, or 3 years.

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