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General website editing or fixes: You can purchase between 1 and 10 Adhock website fixes- or you can purchase 5, 10 or 20-hour block editing. Visit our block editing here. Note this is general editing and does not include Training or coaching.



Website Editing.

I hear ya!, I was in your position many moons ago, so with my 13 plus years of knowledge and experience, me and my team member Roy can help you. You are the brains of your business so we can help you by either giving you easy guides to learn everything you need to know about your website and digital marketing or we take the pressure off and do it for you. We will do our best to fix or edit your website within the time frame. Once we receive your order and we expect this to take more time then we will contact you regarding this. These are the types of tasks we can do. If you have other tasks or more then 10 edits then please email us for a quote. Each edit is up to an hour’s work.

  • Do general website edits of text
  • Emergency Care support if you break something;
  • Add a few images or videos online
  • Fix up a basic website alignment issue
  • Connect my domain name and hosting together and install WordPress
  • Install and set up a few basic plugins
  • Add a few blog posts on your website
  • Change your logo to a new one you supply
  • Create and add a sitemap
  • Change your menu
  • Install your SSL certificate (Depending what type and how your website is hosted)
  • Add a few products online
  • Intergrade google analytics onto your website
  • Add facebook pixels on
  • Add rich pins on
  • Backup or restore your website backup
  • Install a theme -ready for you to change your website layout. (Does not include dummy content)
  • Install a plugin and set it up. Depending on the plugin as some plugin set’s can be time-consuming.
  • WordPress core updates and plugin updates.
  • Plugin Research to help you achieve your desired result;
  • Broken page fix
  • Set up page redirects
  • Image sizing issues
  • Adding in small design tweaks

My website is showing the white screen of death…. A Fatal error like this is showing…. require(): Failed opening required ‘/var/www/vhosts/websitename/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/pluginname/functions_include.php on line 66 etc. Help….. Get a quote for a website revamp, transfer or add on here.  


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