Creating and setting up a Facebook page can seem to be much simpler compared to creating a website. Similarly, setting up an eBay store may seem to be an alternative to creating an elaborate online store. However, successful business models essentially include websites into their overall digital marketing plan. While social media and eBay stores do have a role to play, websites are a must-have for your business.

Disadvantages of a Facebook Page-Only Model

If you want to power your business’ online presence with only a Facebook page, you should know about the following disadvantages:

  • It can be quite difficult to optimise your social media page for Google
  • You cannot customise the page layout for effective branding
  • Your page will always be at the ‘mercy’ of Facebook
  • The popularity of a social media site cannot be ensured forever
  • Not everyone users facebook, allot of people only use Instagram or LinkedIn or YouTube

Having a website means your business gets a presence all over the Internet. A Facebook page limits your presence to the social network only.

Advantages of Having a Website

A website gives you a well-established platform from where you can promote your business. Your site becomes part of your brand image and builds more credibility. There is a big difference in the image created in the mind of your audience when they see that your company has a website, not just a social media page or eBay store.

Some of the ways your business can benefit from having a website are as follows:

More Control

Having a website gives you almost total control over your business’ online presence. Creating your own eCommerce website is much different than setting up a store on eBay. eBay or Amazon can shut your store down at any time and for any reason. On the other hand, you own your own website, (If you choose the right website platform). The same can be said for a social media page. Facebook can hold or remove your business page for a wide range of reasons.

Having a website means your business is not at the mercy of another website.

A Website is Much More than a Marketing Tool

A business website is the foundation of your online presence. A social media page is just a marketing tool. There is nothing wrong with creating a business page on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn or an eBay store, in fact they are an essential part of your overall marketing plan. But it is a supplement to your primary online presence – your site. All those pages are going to support your website.

Social media is meant to be used as a marketing platform for driving traffic to your site. Social media sites have hundreds of millions of active users. You can use these platforms to run your marketing campaigns to increase your website’s exposure and traffic. Eventually, it is your website that helps build trust for your brand. It is crucial for a business to invest in a website. Social networks and other platforms can then be used to reach out to the new audience to grow your business.

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