Get a Website Health check now to help with business growth
Get a Website Health check now to help with business growth in 2023

Also known as a website audit, website review, website report, website grader, website score, website analyzer. A website Health check is like having another opinion on your website, checking all the functions and features on your website are correct and to the best possible standard.

What does a Website Health Check include?

It includes going through the front and backend of your website running a series of tests and checks to ensure your website is set up for the following.

  • Updates-

    Whether you are using WordPress, wix, shopyfly, squarespace or some other website builder to run your website, are there any third-party plugins or apps that are old, slow, full of errors or are causing clashes with other plugins/ apps or themes/ templates allowing them to give errors or stop working on your website? Make sure these are checked and updated regularly.

  • Website Security-

    Are you taking measures to secure your website from cyberattack hackers and getting malware or viruses? Do you have some type of hacker insurance incase your website is hacked?

  • Administrator Management-

    Do you know who has your website admin login details and who is logging into your website and why? Do you have strong passwords and are these changed regularly? 

  • Backup-

    Is your website set up to automatically backup daily, weekly or monthly depending on how many times its being used or updated. E.g. a busy Ecommerce website should be backed up daily whereas a services website may only be backed up weekly or monthly. Also are these backed up to a secure external program such as Google Drive or dropbox? Yes your hosting provider should be doing backup’s but what if they get hacked or close shop or you forget to pay your hosting invoice?

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)-

    Is your website SEO friendly? From page meta titles and descriptions, image alt tags etc, xml site map? Google and other search engines have rules (Algorisms) they create and follow when it comes to what order they put website search results in. Did you know that last year google made 3200 algorithm changes. Is there anything from stopping Google and other search engines from crawling your website? Is your website linked up to Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can see how your website is found, where your visitors are coming from and what keywords or key phrases they are using.

  • Website Speed & Performance-

    Is your website running at least 5 seconds of faster for ease of use for customers? Completing a website speed test is vital to see how fast your website is running.

  • Form Checks-

    Are you getting emails from any contact forms on your website? Are your opt in forms, booking forms etc, test that these are working- monthly is ideal.

  • Broken links-

    If you delete or change your website page names then you can end up with broken links, have you redirected these or created a custom 404 page? What about broken external links? A link you are referring to on you website may be broken or taken down, make sure you check these regularly.

  • Website review-

    How do all your pages look, do they make sense? Is your website mobile friendly? Keeping your website fresh and exciting is essential.

We then provide a full comprehensive report on all of the above including a basic overview for you to fix and improve these directly yourself or at an additional fee then Jacinta and her team at Thomas Web Designs can action it for you, check out our Website Health Check Report


Why should I get a website health check done?

In truth, websites won’t stay flawless forever. Websites often break from out of date themes, templates, plugins and apps or templates and themes. When a plugin/theme is updated, some of the features might be changed or added. For example, some css changes may have been done in the theme rather than a child theme.

Things can just stop working or they clash if there is a conflict between new code and code of other active plugins/theme.

Doing regular checks and updates on your website is essential so either having a website maintenance package set up though your web designer or by doing a website health check and reviewing and actioning your website report regularly is very important.


How is a website Health check done?

By running a bunch of reports to test your website speed, SEO score, broken links and more alongside our knowledge of website best practices, best plugins/ apps, themes and templates and adding everything to a easy to read the document so you can see what is good and what needs improving on your website.

I have been editing and building websites for the last 15 years so I have excellent knowledge of what is required to have a healthy functioning website with a great website score.

If you want to see where your website needs improving then jump on and get your website health check done today.

About Me

I’m Jacinta Thomas, also known as your humble wordpress web design tech whiz and online marketing consultant.

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