The 5 Best Fonts to Use for Your Website
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Website fonts. The 5 Best Fonts to Use for Your Website.

When it comes to designing your website, you would want to add all the elements that make the best impression on your target audience. Fonts play a big role in the way your visitors perceive information on your website. The fonts used on your site can change the perception of your business, products, or services. Research shows that the semantic memory linked with fonts have an influence on how your target audience feels about your content.

So what are the best fonts to use when designing your website? Here are 5 fonts that can make a huge difference in how your audience views your business.

1. Sans Serif

Sans Serif fonts are widely popular in web designing and in the world of graphics designing. It stands out for its clean lines, modern feel, simplicity, and a universal appeal. These fonts are extensively used in the digital world and make perfect options for websites and blogs. The font can be used everywhere including the headings, body content, or anywhere else on your site. The most popular, recommended Sans Serif fonts are as follows:

  • Montserrat 
  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Verdana
  • Century Gothic
  • Calibri
  • Futura

2. PT Sans

PT Sans is available in four different styles, and there are bold, normal, and italic versions of each one of these styles. This makes it a highly versatile font. The font features a few interesting characteristics that make some of the letters more dynamic.

The open-source sans-serif typeface was released in 2009 and has Russian origins. It finds its origins in the Russian sans-serifs from the later part of the 1900s.

3. Bree Serif

This is a family of fonts that stands out for its high level of energy and maturity. It is closer to original handwriting with a slabby characteristic in terms of shapes. The result is a strong impression on your audience. Bree Serif was released in 2008 as a sleek sans serif font that gained widespread popularity with designers and brands.

It has an energetic and fresh feel to it with its italic style. In fact, it features multiple styles with characteristics that make them different from the original Bree family of fonts.

4. Oswald

Oswald is a sans-serif typeface that is based on the traditional gothic style from the 1800s. You can use bold, normal and light styles based on your requirements. The font’s characters have been refined in a way that they can perfectly fit the pixel grids of different types of screens. It is designed for free use across the web, for display on all types of devices.

5. Pacifico

This is a fun brush script handwriting font that finds its inspiration from the American surf culture from the 1950s. Pacifico was released in 2011 and received an update in 2016 and 2017. It was designed by Vernon Adams, who is a lifelong artist.

So if you are looking for the best fonts for your website, it is recommended to use these versatile fonts. Most of them are universal in nature and make a strong impression on the audience.

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