Clear guide to start your own business in 2024?
Have you been dreaming to start your own business?

Start your own business, Yes this can be scary, so here is some information that is perfect for any newbie.

Do you hate your boss?

Sick of the 9 to 5 work hours?

Looking for a flexible alternative to work around your family lifestyle?

You want to be a SAHM (Stay at home mum) and work from home?

Or own and manage your own shop, office, market etc?

Maybe be successful in an MLM business or a Drop Shipping business?

If your answer is YES then let’s talk about how to start your own business.

I used to work full time as an Employment Consultant in my early 20’s and my job was to help people find employment after they had a child to go back to work as well as help people find jobs that had ill health or a hard time staying in a regular position.

When I fell pregnant and had my daughter I couldn’t bear to have her in daycare or looked after by someone else all day so I started my own business and became self-employed.

After over 15 years of working at home now, I still love it and wouldn’t change it for the world. I can help you fulfil that burning desire to run your own business. It could just start as a side hustle biz around your current job or a full-fledged business. It could be a simple eBay or Etsy store, a virtual assistant (VA) service, a blog, a multi-level marketer biz (MLM), café or a hairdresser.

Whatever type of business you want to start then this easy guide will take you through the steps to succeed and start your own business.

The first thing is to actually decide what type of business you want to set up. I recommend setting out a business plan so you can set up your vision, mission, and objectives of your business and how much money you actually need to start your business with. If you don’t have much or any spare money then wanting to set up a retail shop in the local mall straight away might be impossible. However starting a blog and writing articles, comparing retail shops and clothing lines can start making you money to set up your dream retail shop. It’s all about dreaming, but also taking mini steps to succeed.

Have a read of these articles to get you going.

Get all your business ideas out of your head. If you need help with business ideas just contact me.

My Awesome Business Plan– This will allow you to download a free printable business plan for you to work through. This will also help you work out your purpose/mission statement and vision.

As a business owner or OBM (Online business mum), you need to have your own mission/ purpose to be successful. Then follow through with goals that you follow up on weekly, monthly and yearly. If you run an MLM business don’t use the companies purpose, get your own purpose to succeed.

Download your FREE Daily Work Plan and Goal Setting printable’s here.

These day’s I work my own full-time business on a part time basis from home around my family and I love the freedom of it.

If you want to start turning your dream into reality and start your own business then please check out my new business package.

I will help you get your business from set up to success.

No more business setup struggles.Save



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