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Times have changed. Running your shop in town, displaying beautiful products so everyone can see them, meeting new people on a daily basis is so wonderful but I think its time to take your business to another level and start selling your products online as well, read my post below and find out why.

During my teenage years, my father was made redundant from his long life career of designing ships and trains. He then decided to go into business for himself and he purchased a local shop that sold lights, paint, and wallpaper. It was busy, life was great. After his 6th year in business, things started slowing down. More shops like magnet mart, Kmart etc come to town, plus a local paint shop only specializing in paints arrived. Then the shop rent went up. My parents decided to relocate one suburb over as rent was cheaper and less competition. I remember working there as a teen and dad always saying that to break even, he had to sell $1000 worth of product each day. Some days he only made a few hundred and other days he made $4-$5000. This has always stayed in my head and when I occasionally go and look at shops downtown (I hate shopping) I look at some shops and I wonder how they survive.

My parents eventually retired and closed but business was heading down hill and I think if they didn’t happen to retire, they would be broke.

If I knew what I know now, I would have created my parents an e-commerce website and had them selling products online alongside their shop.

Why? Here’s why.

  1. You can earn more money. Promoting your products nationally and offering to ship allows you to sell more products and make more sales, Just add on a postage and handling rate. You’re not just restricted to people in your local area.
  2. You can relocate or revamp your shop and the online store will still be open, so while your moving or painting you can still be making money.
  3. You can build a stronger customer base. If you set up an email campaign alongside your website then you can email your customers current specials, new products etc. You can also refer people that are browsing in your shop to join your newsletter to get better online discounts.
  4. A website for a business is expected these days, so while your potential customer is browsing, they might unexpectedly see something and buy it, rather than having to wait to go into your shop. Plus setting up a website and advertising online is far cheaper than buying or renting a shop front.
  5. No opening time restrictions. Say your business is in the local mall and you have to open and close at certain hours. Your online store can be open 24/7. You can wake up in the morning with orders placed the night before.
  6. Plus e-commerce shops are way more measurable. You can log in and print off what products you sold that day, or get an email notification when something is low in stock.

How great does that sound?

In Summary

All the big shops like Kmart, target, bunnings to name a few all have both shop front and online setup, so why don’t you add extra options for your customers and earn more money by getting an e-commerce shop set up today. Read my DIY guide to setting up an e-commerce website.

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