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As per the Sales Terms and conditions, If you purchase this service package on a payment plan then all invoices must be paid within 3 working days. Any ongoing fees must be also paid within the time period of the invoice or your services will be temporarily suspended or canceled.



Starting your own business can be exciting but daunting especially if you are walking into the unknow. This is where i come in to help you set up your dream business. 

We will go through the following steps to get your business set up.
You can work from your own home and meet clients at cafe’s or have your own office, shop front, whatever you decide.

Stage 1

I will discuss with you a perfect business name, branding (colours, logo etc) that you’re happy with.

Provide a business plan template and help you write yours. Including how to source products, decide on your services, pricing, etc

Help you obtain an ABN and business registration certificate (extra cost) plus local council information for your business.

Create your business logo/ banner if you don’t already have one.

I will help you source images or set up a business photo shoot with a local photograph if you need professional photos ***Extra expense.

Set up 1 to 3 social media accounts for your business.

Design the website. Your new website can be designed to your own requirements so you can sell your products or services online. This includes purchasing your domain name and hosting. PLUS full SEO (Search engine optimization)

Stage one is likely to take 4- 10 weeks, this will depend on your payment method and business plan, I will be in contact with you every step of the way.

Stage 2

Set up and train you how to use a newsletter to collect potential clients email details to send out information and products/ services to. Plus set up a newsletter opt-in and freebee for your customers.

Full training phone/ email training on how to use your website back end so you can make edits, add products, print invoices etc off.

Set up your blog so you can provide free information to your customers. We will also write 3 blog posts that are ideal to gain you more customers.

Set up your payment gateway- paypal account and organise you to set up a business account.

Create and set up your business email addresses.

Create and set up an Email Marketing Platform via Mailerlite or Mailchimp plus give full training.

Help organise the creation of your first business cards (Extra expense)

Stage two is likely to take 2- 8 weeks, this will depend on your payment method and business plan, I will be in contact with you every step of the way.

Stage 3

Provide training on how to use your social media accounts.

Add your business to some free business directories that are key to get your business seen.

Provide other income generating ways to make an income from your business.

Plus we will provide information on how to launch your business when it’s ready and help set up a Media package, marketing plan and create and a promote release.

Advise you on your business finances and bookkeeping options.

You will also get great ongoing business support.

Stage Three is likely to take 2- 6 weeks, this will depend on your payment method and business plan, I will be in contact with you every step of the way.

Pricing options.

We have 3 different pricing systems.

  1. 1/3 ($500) up front before we start stage 1. 1/3 ($500) once your website is complete. And the final 1/3 ($500) before we start training you on using your social media accounts.
  2. A 6 monthly payment plan that you pay weekly $65 weekly. (A payment plan attracts approx 5% management and account fee.
  3. Pay the $1500 in one hit up front.

Ongoing fee’s include domain name and hosting yearly approx. $165. Newsletter platform fee- price for over 1000 subscribers from about $15. Also paypal attracts a 3% fee for sales.

During this service I will teach you how to manage your website design, advertising and social media accounts yourself.

However don’t stress I’m always around to assist you when you don’t have time or you get stuck.


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