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Who is this Community Website Library Hub for?

If you want to become or just starting out your side hustle or business, you are a blogger, creative entrepreneur, lifestyle, health or wellness coaches, fitness instructor, artist, writer, you make and sell craft, you found awesome clothes you want to sell, network marketer, you have a brick and mortar business you want to take online or you just have a start-up business idea or you have no f…ing idea but you want to build a business and work from home and turn your expertise into income. Then this community is for you.

This community will help you feel confident when building your businesses digital media presence, no matter what your purpose is.

You simple jump on each section you need and send it any questions for the weekly Q and A. I have done my absolute best to cram allot of information to help you take your business or blog website to the next level.

We specialise in self-managed WordPress, however, we also work on other website projects from Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, Shopify, Prestashop, Showit and more, this community is for any website user.

So if you are a non-techie or a beginner website person then jump into our community for support and friendship.

I’m Jacinta Thomas and along with my team and friends, we can help you with all things Website. Plus other business-related things from spending over 13 years self-employed and working from home.

Here’s abit about the gang….

Jacinta from Goulburn NSW, quiet, shy and a complete greek. I spend all day working out website tech problems and building websites. Why? Because it makes me happy.

Roy is from India, yes and he works full time for me and has been for over 18 months now. He is my saviour, web developer and a smart cookie. He has his work office set up loves the freedom and flexibility of working for me.

Fiona my sister and one of my best friends. She’s a social media queen. She takes care of anything facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Grant is the SEO god. Although he says I’m fantastic at it myself, his better with all the analytics side and we love working side by side on any SEO projects.

Access to my library of website tools, guides, and worksheets.

Regular free information added on each month.

General Website tech questions answered each week through our Facebook group.


Check out our new website!! a huge thanks to Jacinta from Thomas Web Designs for all her hard work in getting our website looking great from her great services.

Terry Marshall, Marshy's Services Canberra ACT

Earlier this year I jumped on the blog bandwagon and set up my blog. However a few months ago I decided to rebrand and Jacinta was able to transition my blog to a new domain name. I highly recommend her services to everyone

Fiona Banham, Lavender and Chaos Australia