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This community library is ideal for people that already have a domain name (URL), hosting and WordPress installed onto your server. This is called self-managed WordPress. If you have a free WordPress site or pay via then i first suggest you contact us about changing to self-managed WordPress to get the best out of WordPress. Self-managed WordPress website users are used by close to 30% of all websites from blogs, basic websites to advanced business setups. See below for some of the benefits of this community hub.


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Check out our new website!! a huge thanks to Jacinta from Thomas Web Designs for all her hard work in getting our website looking great from her great services.

Terry Marshall, Marshy's Services Canberra ACT

Earlier this year I jumped on the blog bandwagon and set up my blog. However a few months ago I decided to rebrand and Jacinta was able to transition my blog to a new domain name. I highly recommend her services to everyone

Fiona Banham, Lavender and Chaos Australia

Jacinta Thomas

Located in Goulburn NSW, but servicing anywhere in Australia- Canberra, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide etc. Website design, blogs, e-commerce webpages, wordpress editing, training, consultancy services, domain name, hosting, SEO, Social media Management.

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