Importance of a Tagline and How to Create a Great One
Importance of a Tagline and How to Create a Great One

Lets discuss the importance of a tagline. A tagline (Slogan, Motto, key message) is required to clarify what your business website is, what you do and how you help your clients. A tagline is a short sentence or also known as business one liner that is not normally more than about 7 words long. It is a attention-grabbing phrase, that is ideal to capture your target audience and entice them to keep reading the rest of your copy/ information.

The importance of a tagline?

Whether you have developed your site on WordPress (WP) or another website-building platform such as Squarespace, Wix etc. The importance of a tagline is one of many factors to rank your website higher in the search rankings.

Using part of your tag line for your headline and your meta title on your home page is a great idea and something you can play around and change to keep your bounce rate low and your engagement and click-through rates high.


Tips for a Great Tagline

So how do you create a tagline that is search engine optimised and makes great sense to both search engines and for your target audience? The following tips should help you achieve the desired goals:

1. Consider your Target Audience

As a business, you have your target audience and your success depends on how effectively you can communicate with them. You should first identify your target audience and then create a tagline that addresses their needs and wants. It is also important to use a style and language that matches their preferences.

2. Create Short Taglines

Great taglines should be short and clearly send out the message. The ideal taglines are not more than 7 words long. At the same time, it is important to avoid jargon or long words to prevent any type of confusion. Another point is to make use of 1 or 2-syllable words because they can be easily understood. E.g. Our tagline is “We are your humble website buddies”

3. Highlight the Benefits

When your target audience is searching for your products or services, they want to know how they can benefit from your business. And your tagline should answer that call. So create a tagline that clearly outlines the benefits offered.

4. Be Clear & Avoid any Vague Messages

It is easy for a business to mix up its taglines with its competitors or even with those from other industries. Make sure that you conduct some research to find out what others in your industry are using as their taglines. It is also important to avoid commonly used words such as ‘best’ and ‘quality’. A good strategy will be to ask several people to read your tagline and what does it make them believe your business is about.

In addition to these tips on the importance of a tagline, it is suggested to create a positive message in your tagline. The simplest way to do so is to avoid any kind of negative language. No matter how funny your tagline may sound with negative words, it is best to avoid them. So follow these tips to create great taglines that address both the search engine and human-reader aspects.

Here are some great taglines for different businesses.

Best Slogan for Candle Businesses.

Catchy Baby product and business taglines

Construction and Building Company Slogans

Just Google taglines or slogans for the industry you work in.

And here are a few great ones for web designers.

Affordable websites that work.

Intelligent websites. Real results.

Web solutions that build businesses.

Your creative web development partner.

Web Solutions, web design and web development services

Websites Your Customers Will Use


How to edit your tagline?

Depending on how your website was built will depend on how this is edited.

WordPress users can edit this on their home page and through their customizer and they can use the plugin Yoast SEO to set their Meta Title.

Squarespace, Shopify, Joomla, Showit, Shopify etc can also be changed in different areas of the website.

Now you know the importance of a tagline, do you need help to add or edit your tagline on your website? We have casual or ongoing website editing packages to help.

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