Your FREE Do it yourself website Heath checklist

You need to monitor and maintain your car, and many other things you own, so don’t forget about your website.

A Health Check is essential to make sure everything on your website is running correctly and you are converting visitors into customers.


If you are feeling frustrated and feel your website isn’t helping your business get converting customers then it’s time to do a website health check and to see why.

It’s time to give your website some love and attention. This free DIY Website Health Checklists goes through all the things you should check on your website. From looking at your own website from a client’s perspective, regularly checking for errors, security, and basic onsite SEO to keep your website secure and healthy and start reaching more clients.

Is your website working hard for you?

When was the last time you checked out how healthy and secure your website was?

Does your website make potential customers want to jump to work with you?

Does your website follow the current search ranking best practices?

What if I told you that a website health check is essential to review at least every quarter with some things ideally done weekly or monthly?

This FREE checklist will take you through a list of things you need to do including your website settings & security, website essentials, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and even marketing your website. These changes will make a big impact from the results you get from your website.


Ready to learn the things you should regularly check on your website?

Hello, I’m Jacinta

With a Diploma in Business, a love of horses, and a goal to start my own business. I started a side hustle in 2004 whilst working Full Time. This little venture turned my dreams into reality as I created a number of small websites for myself, friends, and family.

Being a geek at heart and diving into the new world of the world wide web I fell in love with all things Website.

Fast forward 17 plus years, and I have worked on over 400 websites from designing, editing, consulting, and SEO marketing.

My mission is to show you how to manage your own website and get your customers with this do-it-yourself website health check.