Fix my Hacked Website. Help I have malware on my website!

Fix my Hacked Website in 2023

Help! my website’s been hacked.

Oh no your website has been hacked. At Thomas Web Designs we can remove malware from your website if it has been hacked or you have a virus. We will go through and clean up your website files and remove any malicious code and malware links in your posts, pages, comments, and source code. We also perform a security audit and fix any issues to keep your website secure.

Treat your password like your toothbrush.

Don’t let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months.

Clifford Stoll

How do we fix your hacked website?
  • We firstly diagnose your hacked website by running a scan checks, review all files on your website and search for all types of malware, including viruses, injected scripts, trojans, porn, and spam.
  • Once we have identified the problem, we isolate and remove it.
  • We then look at the problems the malware has caused and fix or restore the issue.  
  • If you were infected with malware, then you may have ended up on some blacklists so we will go through and remove you from any blacklists so your business isn’t affected.
  • We then go through and secure your website to prevent future hacks and provide you with a guide for you to maintain your website
  • We also offer  peace of mind with hacker insurance maintenance if you would like us to look after your website for a monthly fee. 
Fix my hacked Website

Yes Please fix my hacked website.

  • Diagnose and scan website for malware, spam, viruses etc.
  • Remove malware and malicious code from website.
  • Run a security audit
  • Fix any issues to keep your website secure.
  • Price is for 1 website only
$198 inclusive of GST

Let’s fix my Hacked Website!

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Client Love

We want to be your Website designer & digital marketing go-to team and dedicated Marketing Agency, so please contact us so I can help you achieve your business goals.

One of my hardest decisions to make was deciding whether the change my website over to WordPress or leave it as is. After speaking with Jacinta my decision was easy. Jacinta and her team did an amazing job and were extremely efficient and so helpful throughout the entire process. Would highly recommend Jacinta!!!


Happy Chappy Outdoors

I’m loving my Theme Forest ‘Kale’ theme  it looks gorgeous on all devices and suits my style.  I am thankful for your help with the installation plus all your other help and support. Since the update, my sales have increased. Helen.

Helen Draper

Patchwork Bliss

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