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Frequently asked questions

What does website designer do?

Web Designers build or redesign websites including personal blogs, magazine websites, e-commerce websites, Portfolio websites for businesses, landing pages, and Directories.

Digital media is part of everyone’s lives and people use the web for information, entertainment, shopping, social and communications.

Thus making having a website is essential especially if you own and run a business.

Designers focus on the overall visual look of a website.

What does website developer do?

A web developer programs the code so all the functions and features do what they are required to do.

How much does it cost to hire a website designer or website developer?

Prices vary for designers and developers. Thomas Web Designs prices start at $59 per hour with websites starting from $490. Download my Pricing guide here.

What Content Management System do you work with?

We specialise in self-managed wordpress however we can do edits and fixes within other platforms including Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, PrestaShop, Showit and more.

How long does a website take to be built?

If you have all the information required ready then we can get a website up for you within a week, however, most websites take 2-3 weeks or more depending on your requirements.

What do I need before I start building my Website?

A Domain Name

Website Hosting

The theme/ design idea– An idea of how you want your website to look or a few other websites you like the look of.

Branding– This includes your logo and fonts.

Content– text, images, and videos, plus a guide of where you want particular images, texts, and videos to go. Videos need to be uploaded and hosted through youtube or Vimeo. We do offer copywriting, stock image search, and video uploading services if you need help.

A Marketing Plan – Once your website is built you need to promote it. This will include Search Engine Optimization, a Content Plan, Social Media Management, Networking, Email Marketing, Free and paid directory listings, referral program and more.

Where are you located?

Jacinta lives in Goulburn NSW Australia, so does her sister Fiona. Jacinta’s other full-time staff member Roy lives in india.

We however work with people all over Australia and New Zealand.

Our clients are in Goulburn, Canberra, Byron Bay, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Nowra, Liverpool, Melbourne, Hobart, to name a few places.

What industries do you work with?

We have helped people build or solve their website issues within many industies including Aged care, horse and other pets, building, coaching, legal, Children’s services, cleaning, driving, Dry cleaning and laundry services, Funeral directing services, Health and welfare services, virual assistants, online business managers, gardening, retail, Restaurants, cafes, Security services, sports, Tourism industry, wine and we have even worked with other designers.

I have a Website but not getting any traffic or Sales what do I do?

Do you have a Marketing Plan you follow? How are you driving people to your website? Are you Networking with people? Are you using Social Media? What about Search Engine Optimisation? These are the first questions to ask yourself. We will support you by providing bulk buying of certain hours for block editing for either website edits, website training or marketing coaching. This includes certain hours of help via the phone/ zoom or skype or email support as well as us actually do some work for you including Website editing, Marketing strategy Development, Directory Submission, Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, Facebook messager, content creation, inbound marketing or Social media management. Book a FREE 20 mins Chat today.