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When you run a Facebook ad campaign, it is important that you know what your visitors are then doing on your website. Having facebook pixels set up allows you to track the performance of your ads. Facebook Pixel is the tool that allows you to gather this valuable information. This code will monitor the activities of your visitors to improve the performance of future ad campaigns. In fact, you can install it and gather valuable audience data even if you are not running your ad campaigns.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a code that is added to your website and keeps track of conversions based on traffic generated from Facebook ads. It can also help in optimising ads and build targeted audience for future ad campaigns based on collected data. It helps you understand visitor actions on your site. It uses cookies to keep track of user interactions on your site and Facebook ads.

Uses of Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel can be used to collect data based on a standard set of events defined by the social networking site or your own custom events. ‘Event’ refers to the action taken by a visitor on your site.

The standard Facebook Pixel events set by Facebook are as follows:

  • View Content: When someone visits your site
  • Search: When someone uses the search feature on your site
  • Add to wishlist: When a visitor adds a product to their wishlist
  • Add to Cart: When a visitor adds a product to the cart
  • Initiate Checkout: When a visitor begins the checkout process
  • Add Payment Info: When a potential buyer enters payment information
  • Make Purchase: When a visitor completes the buying process
  • Lead: When a visitor signs up for information or gives signals that they are a lead
  • Complete Registration: When a visitor fills a registration form

Benefits of Using Facebook Pixels

So what are the different ways in which you can benefit from Facebook Pixel?

Run More Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook Pixel helps you make your Facebook ads more effective. Improve your ad’s quality by improving targeting. It helps ensure that your ads are viewed by those who are most likely to buy from you.

Create Custom Conversions

An important feature that allows you to create a conversion by selecting a completion page and giving a name to the conversion. In most of the cases, it is a ‘thank you’ page.

Website Custom Audiences

This feature allows you to retarget your site visitors. Once Facebook Pixel is installed, it will track your visitors who are simultaneously logged into their Facebook accounts. It records the pages visited and not visited, along with the day and time. The data enables your ads to reach highly targeted groups.


You can also use the tool to display targeted ads to those who have already visited your site. It allows you to display ads for the products that visitors added to their incomplete shopping carts.

Facebook Pixel can also be used for creating lookalike audiences. Thus, the code is a valuable tool in helping you achieve your goals through Facebook ads.


How to install Facebook pixels

  1. Go to your Facebook Events Manager, on the top left hand click on the 3 lines next to where it says Events Manager and then under Events Manager click on Pixels.

2. Click on create a pixel and follow the prompts.

Once completed creating your pixel, you’re ready to put the Facebook pixel code onto your website. It gives you a few options including Someone else makes changes to my website and I update my website’s code.

If you want to give it ago then keep following the instructions by adding the pixel code into the header of your website. If you use chrome as your internet browser then you can check it by installing this the Facebook pixel helper.

If you don’t feel comfortable, then Jacinta and her Team at Thomas Web Designs can do this for you for only $49, more information here.


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Facebook Pixels?? Huh? What, Why and How to.
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Facebook Pixels?? Huh? What, Why and How to.
When you run a Facebook ad campaign, it is important that you know what your visitors are then doing on your website. Having facebook pixels set up allows you to track the performance of your ads.
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