What is Drop Shipping?

Start your own dropship business.

So what is drop shipping?

In a normal sales shop front business, you hold stock so you will need to display these products in a shop or at a warehouse. There are 9 main steps to setting up a products based business.


Step 1

Research and liaise with wholesalers

Step 2

You will have to have the $$ to buy the stock products.


Step 3

Have to pay $$ to store and hold the stock in a shop or warehouse.

Step 4

Have to display the products in the shop (only if you are not selling online) and/ or

Step 5

Create a website so customers can see and buy your products online.

Step 6

Create a marketing plan and Advertise your products

Step 7

Talk to customers and make sales.

Step 8

Pack or bag or post out orders

Step 9

Repairs products if they are returned.

This can be a great risk as you spend hundreds of dollars to buy these products and store them at risk that you may not sell them or make very little money for your efforts.

Drop shipping is when you cut out steps 2, 3,4, 7 8 & 9.


These are done by the third party person that you deal with in step 1, and with steps 5, this is included and with steps 6 is we provide easy to follow directions and support for.

What you do

You list the products on your website using an easy product importer tool or manually adding products on yourself. The retail price is already set and you match the shipping price to the same as the drop shippers. You liaise with customers and promote the products. That is it. 

Sell products that you love.

How do I start my own drop shipping Business?

The first step is to work out what products you have a passion or interest in? Do you love Jewelry, do you have a handbag obsession, stationery, cat products, wellness products, herbal teas, spices, clothing, medical gear, computers, phones, you name it there are millions of products in the world.

Now pick one of our ready-made starter Drop Ship Websites or talk to us about getting your own drop shipping business website completely created for your business needs.

Current Startup Business websites for sale, only $499


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Frequently asked questions about drop shipping.

What do Drop Shipping Websites Sell?

Whatever you want it to sell?. To start a successful business you need to have a passion or interest in what you sell, you need to niche down, this means to focus on one type of products to start with, e.g. Girls wear or dog brushes or earrings etc. You also need to know your product you are selling and everything about it, this means use it yourself. 

Where are the suppliers from?

With the sale of this startup website business, it’s only set up with a drop shipping through AliExpress (Products from China and Singapore mainly) however I can include “add on” packages to direct or find Australian companies that offer drop shipping in the same niche.

What are the benefits of a Dropshipping Business Website?

Low start-up and risk. The website is also built though wordpress so has the ability to be customised and you can add other functions and features to it as you grow.

You can also work at home or anywhere remotely around your family.

How do I get people to buy the product?

You need to have a marketing plan this includes using social media, Search Engine Optizamation, other digital marketing, and advertising strategies. We provide you with a free 7 day get started in marketing course.

Running a business is hard but with hard work and dedication you can create a successful business to suit your lifestyle.

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