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Starting a Business and becoming a self Employed Entrepreneur can be very overwhelming so in this article, I share with you all the free online business tools and systems that have helped me as an Entrepreneur.

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I’m Jacinta Thomas, and I help people build websites for their business.

I have been in business now for over 10 years and wanted to share with you, in this article, some of the best business tools and systems I use that have kept me on track and helped my business start afloat.

My business “Thomas Web Designs” specialises in WordPress, which is one of the easiest and powerful content management systems available.

WordPress allows business owners to be able to edit or add content to their website without needing to know HTML coding. This allows me to offer website packages for all budgets depending if someone wanted to do the website themselves or wanting me to do the complete set up for them.

Below are the Business tools and systems I recommend.


1. Accounting

At the end of the day, I still do my own accounts, so I use QuickBooks accounting software It’s so simple and easy to enter my invoices, and print out profit/ loss and balance sheets at the end of the month for tax.

I highly recommend you check them all out if you haven’t done so already and started introducing these tools and systems to your own business.

2.Administration, Planning, and Organisation.

For general administration tasks I use Google Drive as it’s so easy to store client information, and files in the one place, I can then easily share this with anyone if I need to and when I’m out and about for the day I can work from my phone or any other computer and access the files I need.

As its secure cloud storage with automatic backup’s, I have eliminated the task of backing up my computer files on a daily basis and I don’t have to stress if my computer crashes. As well as files, I also store my planning information in here including social media plan, Facebook group networking plan, my business, and marketing plan, plus goal list to easily refer to.

The other essential admin program I use is Grammarly. I was terrible at English and I still am.  Grammarly hold’s my hand and correct any misspelled words and corrects sentence’s for me, whilst editing a word document, website or any other file.

Google Calendar helps me stay on track with appointments and events in both my business and personal life.

To get the most done during the week as well as staying on top of my tasks, every few days I write a to-do list and prioritise and plan each day. I then use batching, multi-tasking, plus I have just started outsourcing my heavy workloads. Setting reminders up on my phone that is linked to my iPad and computer also helps remind me of daily tasks, follow up calls etc…

Siri, is also my best friend, I just sit my phone on my desk and when I remember something, I just say “Hey Siri” remind me to ring blah blah in 30 mins or remind me to reply back the facebook message at 9.30am etc.  I’m also asking Siri to set my alarm for 45 mins etc when I’m setting a time limit on work tasks etc.


I use a marketing, social media management and Facebook networking planners to manage my business marketing. I like to do some sort of marketing on a daily basis. Most of my marketing is really just networking. I network allot in facebook groups, on my social media pages, writing newsletters, and blog posts for on my website and sharing this information.

By providing allot of FREE information to get my name out there as much as I can and from this I get customers coming back for more and paying for my services and products. I also work on my website and search engine optimization to keep on moving up the ranks. 

4.Images and Design.

Yes, I may be a website designer but I’m far from a graphic designer. Canva is the program I use for all my graphics, flyers, ebook designs etc. I then use a variety of image libraries including Pixabay, Shutterstock, Pic Monkey, to find images I can use for web designs or other graphics that are free or cheap.

5. E-mail Marketing

For my newsletter setups to send out automatically or on a regular basis, I use mailerlite.  It’s relatively new compared to Aweber, Mailchimp etc but its free for like 1000 users and very user-friendly. My clients find that using Mailerlite is 100% easier to use than other email marketing platforms.


About Me

I’m Jacinta Thomas, also known as your humble wordpress web design tech whiz and online marketing consultant.

I’m a reserved yet highly motivated and adaptable digital marketing expert ready to use my online marketing knowledge to help your business be seen online and ramp up your sales. I love horses, dogs, cats, country music, chocolate and most of all helping people.

I help family focused entrepreneurs build top ranking, self-managed websites, help work through any wordpress tech issues and get set up with hosting, blogging, SEO and social media, so they can earn more money and live their dream life.

If you’re ready to get your business online, and seen on social media and all search engines then check out my blog, biz resources, jump into my free Facebook group and of course contact me at any time.


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