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Do you have business ideas for 2023? Lying awake at night with your head spinning with ideas such as “if they did it this way it would work better” or “If they can do it, so can I”, and one i often think about is “wouldn’t that be a great business idea“. The problem is after you fall asleep you tend to forget about these ideas as our lives are so busy with changing nappies, organizing kids for school, cleaning the house, cooking meals, going to that job you love to hate, etc etc etc.

Now, these days most people carry a mobile with them so if you start writing down ideas on your phone notepad, or like myself I email myself all my ideas as they pop into my head. If you don’t have a phone that’s ok, you can write it on a notepad, scrap paper, why not record it – just get your idea (s) down so they are out of your head.

They call this a ‘brain dump‘ as your brain is not meant to keep all of your ideas or things you want to do, and keeping all your thoughts up there will only disappoint you when you forget them.

Do a brain dump of all your business ideas for 2023

If you’re going to have that work/ life balance you have always dreamed about then you just need to do it. The idea now is to go through the notes you have written down and recorded, then imagine yourself doing that as a business – being self-employed, your own boss, owning your own shop, or even working at home. Do you like that idea? awesome. Now at this stage, you may be saying to yourself “I can’t do this”, “don’t be stupid this would never work”.

A business person is only slightly smarter than their clients and as a business owner if you don’t know something you can research it or get someone in to help”

So you have some business ideas for 2023, it’s written down, now what? After your brain dump, you need to sort through your ideas and highlight the ones that make you excited and the ones you think will be the best business ideas for 2022. I would then start researching competitor businesses to see what they do, now don’t stress if there are 100 other businesses out there doing the same thing as you only need to be slightly different, to be successful and different from them.

Now write that one top business idea down on an A4 piece of paper or google document- put it in large writing- visualize yourself running that business. Smile- is this what you want to do? Yes. To get started in business you can follow this guide to starting a business, for all your website and digital marketing help then that where Thomas Web Designs comes in com simply do a search of our services or contact us directly.

Don’t be afraid and let excuses stop you.

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